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We are travellers, long time avid travellers. It is part of our DNA. We believe that extended exposure to other cultures expands the mind and enriches the spirit. We’ve been to places that have been totally dismissed by the general media as being dangerous, politically or socially unstable, only to find that, with minimal preventive measures, the places were nowhere near as dangerous as the official alerts were warning us. We often found more kindness, curiosity, hospitality and security in such places than on the beaten paths of well renowned touristic places. In Socotra we aim to change travellers’ perceptions and boost development in this post-conflict area. The people are very interested in outsiders, and tourism is a really good way to start a steady stream of income to these places. Our cash goes directly to the herders, traders, drivers, and people who own the land on which we camp on. We’re looking to show visitors who assume the place is dangerous, that the reality is different from what may be inferred from western news reports. This trip focuses on boundary-pushing travel, challenging your riding skills, discovering one of the last authentic natural jewels, and getting on with your teammates, as those are the truly transformative attributes of a trip.

Cosmin V. Voicu

Cosmin Voicu

An artist at heart, Cosmin spent the last 13 years working in the creative industry, whether wielding a virtual brush, or code, or as a 3D artist. Finally found the all-encompassing profession of art-direction, where he was able to put all his creative drive to work. He did that while somehow managing to visit around 30 countries, go downhill mountain biking, snowboarding, and shooting thousands of pictures. And motorbike over 50.000Km on three continents. And countless other things we cannot talk about here.

Annmar Shaddawn

Ana Cinca

Our corporate fugitive, Ana has a Masters Degree in Political Science and extensive expertise in project launching for over 10 years. A while back she discovered the delights of riding a motorcycle in the hectic traffic of Saigon, and driving it throughout the Indochina peninsula. Once on a bike, she couldn’t let go and pushed her limits riding a motorbike from Santiago de Chile down to the southern tip, and back all the way up north, covering more than 30.000Km.

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